Freshman Year

Well, I've recently been re reading all the cringey things I had written as an 8th grader lol. I noticed that I had matured greatly from my years of being in middle school. Being a freshman is a big responsibility! But that's no problem for me, since I manage to do my work on time with effort. Im pretty sure my GPA will be a 4 or 3.5 when it comes out. I actually love some of my new teachers. One of them is extremely strict, and I just can't stand him! Im passing with a B in his class since I forgot about one measly homework assignment. Oh well. I miss Heritage. I miss my English teacher Ms. Brezek. She was the one who introduced me to blogging. It is extremely soothing after a long tiring day! If you're all still wondering, yes I still love Michael Jackson!No, I do not like my best friend Bob anymore. He's still my friend that I hang out with almost every day! I just recently started skateboarding 3 months ago. Unfortunately I lost my skateboard at the mall a few …


Hey guys! I was debating whether or not to post this, because it's kinda private..but then I was like "I won't put his name in it." So I'm fine with posting this blog now. I'm just going to tell you his nickname, "Pooky." He hates being called this, so of course that would be his code name.
     You're probably very confused as to what this blog is about, so I'll just tell you. It's about my crush!
     I have a BIG crush on him, and I'm pretty sure he likes me back. He would always want to spend time with me, and loved to go walking with me. Mostly everyday, before school started. Now we just see eachother at school, and he's always hanging out at my apartment.
     Let me tell you the clues. He's touched my hands before. Like when we're playing around with eachother, we'll playfully hit eachother. Just the other day he kept trying to take my phone. He knows that I have a password on it, so why did he want it s…

Life is Beautiful

In the movie "Life is Beautiful," there were some examples of a beautiful life. The mother had a nice beautiful house. Nice furniture, vases, and flowers. Second, when the mother and father weee dating, they went in a horse ride. Birds were chirping and singing, trees leaves were blowing through the wind, flowers were blooming, it was nice and sunny outside. It was a pretty nice day out, and that's what was beautiful about it, Third, there was a scene where the parents were bonding with their child. The child hid inside a dresser with flowers on top. The father said "Do you want your flowers Dora?" (Dora is the mom) Then the child started walking towards them, causing the dresser to lift up. They were laughing and having a good time with eachother. Lastly, at the end all the camps were liberated and the kid reunited with his mother. It was a very happy and graceful moment, as the mother landed kisses all over her son, and hugged him. Since they were kept ap…


Hey guys! This post is about one of my favorite movies of all time! My grandma had this movie for me, and every time I watch it, all the memories start flowing back. I haven't watched it in a couple years, but I do plan on buying it again.
     I just love everything about it, it's sad, but then happy. I can relate to it, a girl disrespecting her parents when she doesn't get her way. It touches me deeply. I love sad, heartbreaking movies, lol. I know I'm crazy, but have you watched it? It might hypnotize you too!

I Can't Help It

Hey guys! These are some song lyrics from one of my favorite songs,I Can't Help It.It's a reallysweet, beautiful song. Please listen to it! Anyways, here are some of the lyrics, my favorite lines. Take your time reading, and just let the lyrics sink in. 

Looking in my mirror  Took me by surprise I can't help but see you Running often through my mind, girl.  Helpless like a baby  Sensual disguise  I can't help but love you.  It's getting better every time. 
I can't help it, if I wanted to I wouldn't help it, even if I could I can't help it, if I wanted to I wouldn't help it, no

Qualities In A Great Speech

A good speech needs to have some type of emotion. Whether it's sad, happy, or funny, emotions is the way to get to people. You can't have a straight face through the whole speech, that would be pretty boring.
     You should include some things that stood out to you, and will most likely stand out to others. Like some advice. Such as "you only live once, so spend each day like it's your last," or "Hard work leads to immense success." Things people should know or be aware of, things that people should be doing. Such as being respectful and kind. So include some things that will touch other people.
     Lastly, include your ideas and your thinking. Say what you think about your topic, don't use others quote. In fact, create your own. 


Hey guys! This blog post is about this amazing quote. You only live once! I absolutely love this saying, but I'm never taking it to my knowledge and using it. I'm always too scared to take risks, or try new things. I shouldn't be, right? I mean, nobody else in their lifetime gets to say, "I jumped off a huge cliff into a lake full of flesh eating alligators!" I'm just kidding, but you get my point.      There is so many little things that I'm afraid to do. One being telling my crush how I feel. Its just so scary to me! Like, what if he doesn't want to be my friend anymore? I can't live without him! I must know if he likes me or not, because he's really giving me mixed signals over here. I think that I am, going to tell him how I feel. If he doesn't like me that way, then we'll stay friends. We're inseparable as it is, so it wouldn't really change anything. Sometimes I really do think he likes me, but then again I could be…