Thursday, March 23, 2017

SOL#23- The Potato Picture

     Hey guys! This particular post is very funny. So just enjoy as you read this, because you might laugh too hard you die. Just kidding. 
     So, I accidentally left my phone in the hands of my brother. I walked out of the room for one second, and I walked back in with my phone gone. 
     Then I heard a weird noise coming from the kitchen. As I peered into it, I saw my brother rummaging through the bottom droor of the fridge. He froze with a potato and my phone in his hands. 
I yelled "What are you doing?! Gim'me my phone dude!!"
      He just laughed and ran into the bathroom locking the door. What on earth is he doing with a potato and MY phone in the bathroom?! He better not put my phone in the toilet or something. After about five minutes he opens the door and hands me my phone between giggles, "Whatever you do, don't look in your pictures." 
     So when somebody says something like that, it makes me suspicious. So I went through my gallery to find a picture of a potato. I looked over at him laughing. "Why in gods name did you take a picture of a potato?" He dropped to the floor laughing. Causing me to laugh along with him. 
     This probably isn't funny to you, but my brother and I laugh at random and stupid things. I still laugh every time I think about it. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

SOL#22 - Selfies

     Hey guys! This post is about a time I took a really good selfie. So I really like this picture of me. I miss my old glasses very much. I love everything about it.
     The way I smiled, the way my hair looked. The beautiful shirt I was wearing! I looked good that day to be honest.
      Those days are rare, and that's why I'm writing about it. I ain't trying to brag or anything, because usually I don't look good. At school my hair is always looking weird, my face looks tired.
     This picture, I look happy. This was me on my way to my old school.
     So here's a blogging idea, write about a time where you felt good about yourself. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

SOL#21 - Epic Baby Catch

     There Gina was, at the park playing tag with her little sister Mycah. Gina ran past her and tagged the tree. Mycah yelled out "touch the monkey bars!" So she walked up the little stairs to the monkey bars. Gina quickly followed trying to beat her but failed.
     Mycah gripped the handles with one hand. Mycah tried to clasp her other hand to it, but couldn't manage to. Her left hand was beginning to slip off the bars. In the blink of an eye her hands gave out and she was about to fall, face first onto the dirty muddy wood chips!
     But then Gina reached her hands out and caught her by her legs. Leaving Mycah dangling by her feet in the air, her head inches away from the dirty wood chips.
     That was one of the most "lit" moments of Gina's life because she dearly loves her little sister. Would you have liked your sibling to fall face first in mud?

Monday, March 20, 2017


This book I read is about a boy. He doesn't really like himself and he has a disease. He has a lot of mental issues. He sees things and has many visions of weird scenarios that nobody else could imagine. He doesnt have a lot of faith that he will survive. He likes this girl and is afraid to admit his feelings to her. I like this book because it's about love and pain. I like reading books about people who have low self esteem and who are troubled. Read to find out if he survives and if he gets with the girl.

SOL#20- The Beegees

     Hey guys! This post is about a band that my real dad and step dad used to listen to all the time. When I lived with my real dad, he would always be playing music. Especially the Beegees. Songs like More than a woman, Stayin' alive, You should be dancing, and How deep is your love. I love these songs so much. 
     So ever since my real dad passed I've been living with my step dad. He liked the Beegees too. Whenever he would play the songs I would scream "I KNOW THIS SONG! THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG EVER OMGG!!" I remembered the songs. Those songs bring back memories of my real dad and my grandma. 
     I love everything about the Beegees. I love how their voices go really high then low. Even though those are the only songs I know (for now) I still consider myself a fan. The "haaa haaa," in More Than A Woman I just love it.
      My style in music varies. It's not all just Michael Jackson. I like the Beegees, limp biscuit, linkin Park, black eyed peas, pit bull, LMFAO, Rockwell,  journey, survivor, queen, Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, etc. I like country music too. Yeah I like pop and rock, but I also am old school. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

SOL#19 - Beautiful Quote😭❤

     AMEN!!! Find me another famous person in this generation, who thinks this way. Trust me you won't. I'm lost for words on this one. This is beautiful once again. Not only the King Of Pop, but the King Of Love.
     Michael's the most sweet, loving and caring being I've ever seen! He donated $1,000,000 to a children's charity. How generous of him to give back. He loved children so much, he even helped a sick boy with liver damage. The boy was going to die, no question but somehow Michael saved him. 
      Some stars disrespect their fans. First of all, why? They're the reason why you're famous. If anything you should love them like Michael did. They were a part of him. His family. One time a photographer was trying to snap a pic of Michael, but this fan was in the way so he shoved her. Michael immediately scolded him saying, "Hey! Don't touch my fans! No, f*** you!" This shows how much he truly loved his fans. The moonwalker fandom is the biggest ever! 
     Michael loved to make others happy. So of course he would hate to see suffering. He's an amazing and inspiring person. He did what he set his mind to. Even after all the lies and rumors made up about him, he never broke out screaming or angry. He stayed calm and collect. He died a true man. We all miss you and love you Michael❤️

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Strength 👊🏻

     This quote relates to me so much. When people find out everything I've gone through they always treat me differently. "If you want you can step out of class if you're too stressed. Ohh, it'll be okay don't worry Gina. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, anything you need I can get. Don't talk to her right now she's not doing good. Imagine how painful it must be, especially at her age. Want some food, drinks?" I know to you guys it probably sounds flattering and kind, and it is. It's just that I don't like to be treated differently. I'm still a person I mean, you don't have to treat me like I'm dying or something. That's what people do.
     I have been through so much in my life. I try not to cry that much because once I start, I can't stop. There are others who have empathy which I admire, but sympathy just isn't really enough to make me get personal with you. I don't like talking about certain things. It all depends on the person.
     I can take things. Death is the most horrible thing in life, it really is. Eventually I get over things. It's hard, but that's how I am. It's who I am.
     So when people ask me stuff like "How are you taking this? Isn't it stressful and hard on you?" Well I simply tell them 'I was given this life because I'm strong enough to live it.'