Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Butterfly Poem

by Franta Bass

I am a Jew and will be a Jew forever.
Even if I should die from hunger,
never will I submit.
I will always fight for my people,
on my honor.
I will never be ashamed of them,
I give my word.

I am proud of my people,
how dignified they are.
Even though I am suppressed,
I will always come back to life.

I'm feeling a lot of pride and honesty coming from the author. 

Friday, April 14, 2017


     Hey guys! This blog post is about my new Michael drawing! This one took me a while to draw, because I was debating whether to keep it or not. I messed it up under the lip. I was a little too excited while erasing. I erased really hard, and it made a mark. Its okay though, because I can just draw another one.
     I think I did really good on this one. Maybe the face shape was a little too big, but its okay. Artists make mistakes, and I'm one of them. Comment what you think, did I do a good job? Things to improve on? Any feedback is fine. Goodbye💖

My Journal

     Hey guys! This blog is about my journal. I just bought it at Walmart last week. I've been writing in it ever since. Please, don't call it a diary. This is definitely no where near a girly girls diary. Yeah, I write about what I did today. At least I don't say I went to the mall and bought these super cute earrings. Like they're totes adorbs! Ew no! That is not me at all. Its more like Today I went to hot topic, and bought this awesome deadpool shirt!
     I write about a lot of personal things that no one knows about me. This journal knows a lot about me. The only thing I can open up to is this journal, if that makes sense. Things I would rather not talk about, because its too much to take. I'd rather write about it. This journal is my get away place. My other side, which I'd rather not share with anyone. Nothing personal, its just who I am. So if you try to talk to me about personal things, you're not going to get anything out of me. Sorry!
      Things that I keep inside, go in here. I have a thick shell around me, all my deepest darkest things are kept inside there. Nobody can get them out of me unless I know you and trust you. What I'm trying to say is that I'm a very strong person, especially about things that have happened to me. I'm also very sensitive which is confusing. Like I cry about the most stupidest things in front of people, but I'm not sensitive about my darker secrets. Or am I? I guess you'll never know, only My Journal does.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Can't Stop Won't Stop Loving You (Chapter two)

*Yawn* Wow! Yesterday was amazing. I have got to tell Tanya. I stretched once more, then got out of bed. I searched through the pile of makeup on my dresser for my phone. There it was, underneath the big powdery mess of foundation. "Ughh how did my foundation crack?"
My phone started ringing. It was Michael. There goes my stomach again. The butterflies. I tried to clean all the powder off but it was sticking. It was all up in the buttons and the cracks of my phone. Somehow I managed to press the *answer* button. "Uh...hello?" I said in nervousness. 
"Hey Mills Its Mikey. What are you doing?"
I put him on speaker and tried to clean off the powder. "Well right now Im cleaning my phone..and my dresser. My makeup spilled ALL over. Wait, wait..yesss I cleaned it off!!" I smiled at my reflection on my dresser top. 
"Well that's good. Are you still tired? Hahaha." 
"Actually Im not tired smarty pants! Hahaha." We laughed for about two minutes. We truly are compatible.
"Anyways I called because I wanted to ask you something." My heart started racing. What was he gonna ask me? To be his girl? To explain what happened yesterday? Oh no I could not answer. I can't take this much pressure! Im way too nervous right now. "Um..yea Mikey. What is it?" 
He cleared his throat. Will you...come to dinner with me tonight?" 
I felt relieved. "Sure. To where?" I was trying to be as calm as I could but I was actually screaming in my head. 
"To Talona's. You know your favorite restaurant. The one that gives free Ice cream at the end." 
I jumped up and down. "Yes I'll go with you! I love that place! Wow Michael, you know me too well." I chuckled though the phone. "Yea, I know you better than anybody. So I'll pick you up at 6?" 
"Yup I can be ready by 6. Can't wait to see you byee!"
Ahhh. I slid down against the wall. For I was love struck.
I snapped out of it. Oh yea I was gonna call Tanya. I started to dial her phone number. 
"Hey gurrrl! What's up??" Haha I miss my best friend. 
"Tanya can you come over? I need to tell you something." 
"Ok girl wait for me. Im coming!" 
Ok I've got to pick out something to wear. I mean its not a really fancy restaurant but I would like to impress him. Maybe straighten my hair a bit. Wear a dress. 
Before I could go through my closet, there was a knock at the door. Tanya's here!! I ran down the stairs and nearly fell because of all the excitement. I rushed to the door and forcefully opened it.
"Amelia!!!" Tanya gave me a big hug. "Girl you look good." I looked down at myself. 
"Thanks you too! Hey lets go upstairs. I cannot wait to tell you what happened last night." I grabbed her hand and pulled her up the stairs. 
"Girl slow down. Where are your parents?" She looked at me questionable. "Tanya don't you remember? I told you they are on vacation. Having a special evening Haha." I twiddled my fingers in her face with a mischievous look in my eyes. 
"Oh now I know what you mean." She giggled along with me.
As soon as we got in my room I screamed "ITS ABOUT MIKEY!!!" 
Tanya crossed her arms and gave me an *I told you so* look. "Ok Amelia. Tell. Me. Everything." Tanya watched as if she was taking notes. She was a good listener. 
"So yesterday I went over to Mikey's house to you know have dinner with the family like we always do." 
Tanya stroked her chin. "Mhhmm continue."
"Anyways we were walking to Chello's Ice Cream Parlor. We were holding hands as usual. But at that certain time it felt different ya know? I somehow developed a crush on him. And I think he likes me back..." 
Tanya jumped up and down while pointing her fingers at me. "Oooh girl I told you so, I told you so.....wait Im not done.....I told you so!!!"
I crossed my arms. "Ok I get it you were right. You knew it and I denied it!" 
She sat back down on my bed. "Yup. I had to get that over with. Man I knew it girl. I had a feeling since we were little that yous were gonna date. How did I know? Oh because Im your best friend!!!" She started clapping her hands. "Damn....I told you so." She chuckled.
"Alright alright Tanya. Here's the thing. Hes coming to pick me up for dinner at 6." I checked my watch. "Ok...ok so its 5:45. I have a couple minutes to find something and get ready. Help me Tanya!!" I ran to my closet and started searching. 
"Ok ok girl. How about this blue sundown dress?" She put it up to my body. "Girrrrl it looks so good on you! Wear this one." I had to admit, it was a awesome dress.
"Oh alright." I put the dress on. It was quite beautiful. It was blue at the bottom and as it went up it turned into a fade of blue, pink, orange and yellow. I loved the way it looked on me. "Tanya should I put my hair up? Like in a bun?"
She studied my hair. After about two minutes she finally said "Nah wear it down. Be natural girl, be yourself. Don't pretty up your hair for him. Im pretty sure he loves your hair exactly the way it is."
I looked at myself in the mirror. "Thank you Tanya. You always know what to say."
I did my makeup pretty good. Foundation, Glittery purple eyeshadow and pink lipstick. You know, casual. 
There was a knock at the door. "There he is. Your boyfriend. Oh girl if he ever hurts you Im coming for him." She laughed. 
"Thanks Tanya but I don't think that will happen Haha."
Tanya went out through the back to her car. I felt so nervous I was literally shaking. My eye lids were fluttering. My stomach started to ache. I grabbed my purse and took a deep breath. "Here we go."
I opened the door. There he was. His mouth dropped open. He analyzed me up and down. "You look beautiful Mills."
I punched his arm playfully. "So do you Mikey." He looked amazing and very handsome. His slick back curls. His beautiful eyes. Those luscious lips. His sparky suit. He was wearing a pink tie. "Nice tie." I giggled. 
He peered down at it. "Yea I know you love this one." I could feel my heart melting. He really was a beautiful soul. He is such a gentlemen! "Lets go Mills." He reached out his hand. I took it as we walked down my porch steps.
The gentlemen that he is, opened the car door for me. He got in on the other side and started the car. "Seatbelts Mills!" I pulled the belt down and pushed it until I heard the click. "You know I wouldn't want anything to happen to you. I care too much." He gazed over at me until our eyes made contact. 
I laced my fingers through his. "I know Mikey. I feel the same." We both smiled at eachother. He let go off my hand and started driving. The place was 20 minutes away.
Mikey parked the car and got out. He came around and opened the door for me. I held his hand as we walked into the restaurant. "Table for two?" asked the waitress.
"Yes please," Michael replied. We followed the waitress as she led us to our table. It was a small dark wooden circular table. With a red and black striped table cloth. 
"Those are your favorite colors Mikey." He smiled as we both sat down. 
"Im glad you noticed." He laughed. "I had that one put for us."
He fixed his eyes on me. I put my hand on the table. He put his hand on top of mine and caressed it. While he gazed into my eyes, I felt so nervous. I mean we were best friends. How is this happening? Why? How did we randomly start liking eachother? All these thoughts were running through my head at the time. "So would you like some wine or champagne?" 
I turned his hand over and laced my fingers through. Tightening my grip. " about some Coca Cola." I laughed. "I reeaallly want some soda Hahaha."
Mikey laughed also. "Alright then. I just thought maybe you would like something a bit more fancier. Its ok though. Drink what you'd like." He picked up my other hand and held both up to our faces. 
"You know Mikey, we would come here when we were little. Its kind of like our restaurant. I love coming here, with you. It brings back so many memories." 
A smile of joy formed on Michael's face. "Yea I know. I love this place and really enjoy coming here." We put our hands down gently on the table. Still holding each others hands. We had this passionate stare in our eyes.
Unfortunately it was broken when the waitress came over. Our hands parted. "Hi there. Hows your evening?" Michael and I looked at eachother for a second. 
"We're doing just fine." Michael said in happiness. "How are you?" 
"Oh I'll be happy as long as you guys are satisfied" she chuckled. "So are you ready to order?"
"Why yes we are." Michael laughed. "For me I would like the salad, and for the lady the Mac and cheese special. Oh and don't forget the chicken. She loves chopped chicken in her Mac and cheese." Wow, Mikey truly did know me. A lot indeed. 
"Ok any beverages?"
I was about to speak but Mikey interrupted. "No, I'll order don't worry about it." 
I crossed my arms and said "Ok," with a smile.
  "For myself Dr. Pepper, for Amelia Coca Cola." That was the first time in years that he called me by my name. Probably just trying to impress me though. It was cute.
"Well ok then, I'll be right back with your drinks."
"Thank you." Michael looked so good that night. His hair was curlier. His cologne smelled  better. His face was more handsome. His eyes...more dreamy. He looked very well dressed. I just couldn't take it.
On the way out to the car we held hands...again. As soon as we got in the car we locked eyes. This was it. This was the right time for it. We were both facing eachother. He leaned in. I felt his lips against mine. It was magic. Just so right. I put my hands on his neck and continued to kiss him passionately. He tugged at my bottom lip a bit. His right hand was on my cheek, his left caressing my hair. I could not stop kissing him. I could feel my mouth begging for more. I just did not want to let go. I couldn't resist him. The way he smelled. He was irresistible. I had to pull away so I could breath though, Haha. He licked his lips then stared at me passionately. "You're a great kisser." Raising his eyebrows when he said that. 
"So are you Michael. That was incredible." We both smiled, then looked down in shyness.

Michael's POV
Right there at that time I knew, the girl was mine.

Spring Break

     Hey guys! I had a very fun spring break, and I'm about to share with you what I did. So the first couple of days were boring, or just a normal day for me. I stayed home, in my room mostly and watched YouTube. I read stories on WattPad. Wrote some chapters and updated my stories.
     As you can see the pictures, I ordered some mj cd's in the mail and got them on Monday I think. I already had off the wall, thriller, bad, dangerous and the Michael Jackson essentials. I recently got the rest of his cd's. Well not ALL of them, there's a lot more for In which I plan on ordering. I just got all his later cd's, after off the wall. I'm so happy because now I can listen to his other songs, not just the original ones I had. The HIStory album/cd, (I don't know why, but I like to call them albums) has two cd's. One with all his greatest hits, the other with his new songs. So that's why it was $16.99! The others were so cheap! Like $5 to $10. I was so happy when I got them. I love his music.
     This is when the fun all started. My best friend Bobby came over with his older brother Brian and spent the night, for four days straight! We didn't plan it, it just happened. Through those four days, we went to the mall. I bought a new hair spray from bath and body works, which smells like the ocean. I love it so much! Also I bought a lotion, because I don't have any. We went out for pizza after the mall, and the rest of the days we just chilled and watched movies.
     When they left, my Mom, Mycah and I went to the swinging bridge. It holds memories, we even have a video of us while our dad recorded. "That's my beautiful family over there," I remember him saying. We went to the library right next to it, and then to Culver's, an amazing restaurant! Why? They give out free ice cream at the end! Well, only with the kids meals..I'm still a kid though right? There's a park right outside of Culver's so we played for a bit. I'm trying not to grow up too fast. I'm going to enjoy my childhood/teenage years for as long as I can!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Spontaneous Writing #1

     Spontaneous, spontaneous. Deliberate, deliberate. What am I typing? Just a couple random words that pop in my head.
     Writing, love, heart, soul, beauty, faith, truth. Truth. Some true statements. Love is worth more than all the wealth in the world. That of a good heart, is true beauty.
When someone lies once, the trust barrier can be broken easily. So fast you wont even notice it. Faster than the blink of an eye.
     Blink. I personally blink every four or five seconds. What would humans do without the ability to close our eye lids? Lets just say that our eyeballs would be pretty dried out. Imagine that. Ugh.
     Birds are currently chirping their heads off outside right now. Probably yelling at each other. Who took my worms? I was going to feed my babies and now they're going to die of starvation! I hope you're happy now!! Believe me I am, now my babies are going to be healthy and strong. Yours will die faster than a cheetah! You are so cruel Edna!! I don't want to hang out with you anymore! Then there's some more chirping, wonder what's going on out there.
     Slander. You say its not a sword! But with a pen you torture men. You'd crucify the lord! And you don't have to read it. And you don't have to eat it. To buy it is to feed it. Then why do we keep foolin' ourselves? Just because you read it in the magazine, or see it on the TV screen don't make it factual. Though everybody wants to read all about it. What's that you ask? Some awesome song lyrics just playing repeat after repeat in my head.
Actually, let those lyrics sink in. Think about it, we people today believe everything on an electronic screen. What if its all just fake? What if none of it is true? I wouldn't be too surprised.

Keep The Faith

You've got to keep the faith. Why? Because its just a matter of time.

Gon' keep it brotha, you got it. Gon' keep it sista, you got it. He's kept the faith his whole life, so why shouldn't we? Be god like, be a grateful human being. Stay calm and loving. Love is the key.

So keep the faith, baby, yea. Don't let nobody take you down. Go for your dreams, no matter what anyone says. Just don't pay attention to what people might say about you. Don't let anyone get in your way.

Just keep your eyes on the prize, and your feet flat on the ground. Strive, strive, strive until you get to where you're going. Focus, and concentrate, until you have it.

Don't play the fool for the rest of your life. Work on it brotha and you'll make it someday. Why act stupid when you have all that it takes? Apply yourself to everything you can, just do it. Before you know it things will start going your way. But ya got to keep the faith.