Hey guys! I was debating whether or not to post this, because it's kinda private..but then I was like "I won't put his name in it." So I'm fine with posting this blog now. I'm just going to tell you his nickname, "Pooky." He hates being called this, so of course that would be his code name.
     You're probably very confused as to what this blog is about, so I'll just tell you. It's about my crush!
     I have a BIG crush on him, and I'm pretty sure he likes me back. He would always want to spend time with me, and loved to go walking with me. Mostly everyday, before school started. Now we just see eachother at school, and he's always hanging out at my apartment.
     Let me tell you the clues. He's touched my hands before. Like when we're playing around with eachother, we'll playfully hit eachother. Just the other day he kept trying to take my phone. He knows that I have a password on it, so why did he want it so bad? I could have just gave it to him, but I liked how he was trying to take it from me. I had a strong grip on it, and he was grabbing my right hand to try and pry the phone away from me, yet he still didn't succeed. He is always teasing me! Not in a mean way, but a way that makes me laugh, although I'm trying so hard to be mad at him, my giggles come out eventually.
     Whenever he takes my things, he runs to the couches and lays down, trying to pull the blankets over him. So when I try to get things from him, I'm basically hovering over him. I can tell he's enjoying it because he smiles so wide. I love his smile❤️
     One time he was taking my MJ cd's, and running out with them. He knows how organized I am with my things, so of course he mixed them all up. He also threw my neatly set up shoes across the room! Yeah, I know I can just fix them, but it still aggravates me. I started to slap him saying, "Stop stop stop! Why are you ruining my room?! Why are you laughing?!?" He just covered his face laughing. I can never stay mad at him. His smile, and adorable laugh always makes me happy again.
     Another thing he did was take my journal. All hell breaks loose when ANYONE touches my journal! He grabbed it from my grip, and fell onto the couch laughing hysterically. He realized how scared I got, because I write about so many private things in there, (Especially about him!) so of course he took it from me. He wasn't trying to read it or anything, he had it pressed to his chest. He obviously was just teasing me. He even said one time, "I like to make you mad." I got it from him and hid it in my room.
     I gave him a taste of his own medicine though! I tried so hard to annoy and aggravate him, but it wasn't working. I kept pulling his hood down, and putting toys in his shirt. He just laughed and smiled saying, "Gina stop!"
     This clue is a HUGE giveaway! So we have this couch, we call it the "Chase" because it's a long couch that you can lay on straight. It's not sideways. Him and I would lay next to eachother while watching YouTube. He's put his arm around me before. When he did I had my head against his chest, and I could hear his heartbeat. It was beating pretty fast! He cuddles with me too! I love to cuddle with him. One time he pressed his forehead to mine, and just looked into my eyes. I pushed him off me, because it was getting pretty awkward, I have to admit though that I liked it. He hugs me too, and it just makes me feel so warm inside. His hugs are amazing. He also played with my hair one time. When he cuddles with me, my heart skips a beat. I get butterflies immediately. No guy ever did something like that with me, he makes me feel special. He makes me feel wanted. I used to have zero self esteem, well I can't say that I have some today, but I have enough that I need. He made me realize that I'm not ugly, he even told me before! He also said one time when he was hugging me, "You think you're fat?" While squeezing my sides a little. I was like, "Yeah.." He reassured me, "You're not fat."
     He's a really good guy. He doesn't just date girls for their body or looks. He likes personality. That's another reason why I like him so much, because guys like him are so rare.
     The thing is, he likes another girl. Or does he? He could be just trying to make me jealous, but he's always around her at school. He's  always rubbing it in my face too. "Oh my girlfriend just texted me. Oh I kissed my girlfriend." I'm just like, since when did you get a girlfriend? I don't know, maybe he likes both of us, but me more?
     I did tell him I liked him, and he said he didn't like me. It took him a couple seconds to say it, it looked like he was thinking what to say. Actions speak louder than words though!
      I can't date him yet. We aren't that close. What I mean is that we never have personal conversations or talk about serious things. It's always laughing and joking around with us. I need to show him that I like him, he's a tough but sensitive kid. I gotta make him open up to me first. Then he'll be sure that I'm a good person. I feel like he has a fear of being hurt, since I'm going to high school, and he's still in middle school. He fears that I'm going to cheat on him, or see other guys. I  don't know what's going to happen in high school, but I know, He is the only guy I got my eyes, and heart on.


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